• reboot horizon

    Marte Eknæs, Alice Khalilova, Santiago Taccetti
    13 Nov 2014 to 11 Jan 2015

    The point of departure for the exhibition is when a page freezes on the syncopated browser of a web user; the moment when change in the landscape is marked as a reduced distinction of it’s natural other and has been manipulated by technology. As human activity has grown to become a significant geological force through land use changes, deforestation and fossil fuel burning, this increasing impact on the environment, in varying scales, is out competing natural processes. Technological mimicry of natural form is heightened and reflects the increasingly conflated physical spaces of retail, business, and leisure. Often based on the criteria that these forms are highly evolved from nature through corporate and commercial branding, this streamlining allows for more efficient circulation.


    marte eknaes Arranged for Effect (2D) II, 2012
    Marte Eknaes, Arranged for Effect (2D) II, 2012