• Yuri Pattison

    Free Traveller
    17 Sep 2014 to 2 Nov 2014

    Private View Wednesday 17th September 2014
    18th September–2nd November
    A solo exhibition by Yuri Pattison, with newly commissioned work for the gallery.

    In December 2013 Yuri Pattison created his evolving online work, ‘RELiable COMmunications’. Drawing from the Soviet computer network ‘RELCOM’, pre-dating the World-Wide Web as we know it Pattison merges factual correspondence from the Soviet coup and an investigation of it’s emotional content with (science) phenomena and fiction, drawing parallels between the development of the global online as we know it today, and a USSR network, which proved instrumental in the failed coup of 1991. 

    With an intent to explore the hermetic environments where sensitive information is stored, earlier this year Pattison gained access to shoot footage inside the headquarters of ‘BAHNHOF’, the ISP and host of ‘RELCOM’ and his own online work. Originally a nuclear bunker from the Cold War this vast super computer held in the ‘Pionen White Mountains’ of Sweden is located in a cavernous former military command centre. ‘BAHNHOF’s rigor in upholding free speech and resisting demands from external governments for client data together with it’s impenetrable location (30 meters under central Stockholm) has made this the ISP of choice amongst professional spammers, hackers, activists and wiki-leakers. For Cell Project Space, and integral to the artist’s remote practice, Pattison will investigate various lines of networked technology from a physical perspective, dramatising the experience of consuming and cohering the layers of online information. Together with an additional research trip to Japan he sets the remote efficiency of dense urbanisation against the isolation and altruism prevalent within online communities.

    Dublin born Yuri Pattison lives and works in Berlin and London. RELiable COMmunications, was initially commissioned by ‘Legion TV’, London UK as part of an online project in 2013-2014, which culminated in more recent solo exhibitions in 2014 at the New Museum, New York, USA, as part of the online ‘First Look series’. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘colocation, time displacement’, Minibar, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014 and ‘polymer placeholder pin drop’, Project/Number, London, UK, 2012.
    In 2014 the artist’s work was included in ‘Snow Crash’ at Banner Repeater, and 'ONSITE, Temporary Artist Project', Southend, UK. 2014. Selected group exhibitions include 'Grand Magasin', French Riviera 1988, London, UK, 2013, and 'Objectness', Outpost Members Show selected by Peles Empire, Norwich, UK, 2013.
    Pattison is currently working on the publication ‘RELiable COMmunications’  with Arcadia Missa. 


    Marte Eknaes, Alice Khalilova, Santiago Taccetti
    13 Nov 2014 to 11 Jan 2015

    The point of departure for the exhibition is when a page freezes on the syncopated browser of a web user; the moment when change in the landscape is marked as a reduced distinction of it’s natural other and has been manipulated by technology. As human activity has grown to become a significant geological force through land use changes, deforestation and fossil fuel burning, this increasing impact on the environment, in varying scales, is out competing natural processes. Technological mimicry of natural form is heightened and reflects the increasingly conflated physical spaces of retail, business, and leisure. Often based on the criteria that these forms are highly evolved from nature through corporate and commercial branding, this streamlining allows for more efficient circulation.


    marte eknaes Arranged for Effect (2D) II, 2012
    Marte Eknaes, Arranged for Effect (2D) II, 2012