Hotel Palenque & Hannah Perry

1 Mar 2012
Thursday 1st March 6pm-9pm
Hotel Palenque has been invited to host the fourth CYcLE CLUB event at Cell Project Space. Curated by Elise Lammer, Hotel Palenque is a continuous programme of newly commissioned contemporary art projects focusing  on producing and presenting new works by emerging artists on a single A0 non-reproducible print.
Hannah Perry will present Hotel Palenque's 5th commission. During this one-night event, the resulting A0 print will be paired with a performance displaying VHS footage collected by the artist. Exploring the notion of decay, the artist will nostalgically stage the death of analog media by recording the progressive disappearance of the moving image by simultaneously exposing the visual flaws and scratches of the artist's continuous mixing, and processing of footage. Displayed on an obsolete RGB projector, deteriorated images of pop culture icons question our ambiguous relation to an irretrievable youth.

Hannah Perry graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2010. She will open her debut solo exhibition as part of the ‘Invites’ series, curated by Ellen Mara De Wachter at the Zabludowicz Collection on 8th  March-1st April 2012. Exhibitions and projects in 2011 include ‘Les Televisions’ at French Riviera 1988, London, 'Lucky PDF TV for Frieze Projects’ at Frieze Art Fair, London, ‘Late At Tate’ curated by Paul Purgas, Tate Britain, London,  and performed ‘Bodyhacker’ a continuous video installation incorporating live film with a collaborative DJ set, at Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea. Perry lives and works in London and is studying on the Fine Art programme at Royal Academy Schools, London.
After event: 'Eva by Heart' with Leslie Kulesh,  Visions Video Bar, 588 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AH. 9pm - 1am 
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